The most advanced automated techniques coupled with manual tasks make LinkLure the #1 link building tool in SEO. We cover over 50 different platforms to ensure your link is posted everywhere. We add in social signals and posts to some of the most important sites for SEO, ranking and ultimately targetted traffic

From your point of view, the system works completely on autopilot. Setting up is a campaign is a 2 minute job. After that sit back and relax, we handle drip feeding your links, link types, link building velocity, content generation, link indexing and syndication

We will even generate reports for your own use or for your clients.

We are experts in automation, and have used automation in LinkLure and combined it with human tasks to produce an amazing service for an unbelievable price

We have supplied automation for huge SEO companies in the past and we know how to rank your site. LinkLure pulls everything together and delivers you the best SEO tool in your arsenal in one easy to use package

  •   Content Generation

    You can add your own articles if you wish but you can also use our content generation system. It is cutting edge producing highly unique, readable content in a contextual format

  •   Social Signals

    Social signals are an important part of any SEO effort. Social signals from the top social media sites are included in every campaign. Enjoy the benefits of tweets, re-tweets, Facebook likes, Google +1s, Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon submissions to name but a few.

  •   Multi-Tiered Links

    We build quality Tier 1 links and back them up with powerful Tier 2 links and harness the link juice with a 3rd tier of links producing higher quality, longer lasting links to your site.

  •   Site Type Support

    We design your campaign based on the site type. New sites with a sudden influx of links raises a red flag. Simply select "New Site" when submitting a campaign and we will setup a profile with less Tier 1 links, more Tier 2 and 3 links and we will gradually increase the Tier 1s giving more authority links early on and more volume as the campaign progresses.

  •   EDU, GOV, High PR sites

    Our campaigns post to a huge variety of platforms. We also include .edu and .gov in some packages and all campaigns will include links from high PR domains. Domains from 0-8 are included in our system, with nofollow and dofollow links providing a natural and effective link landscape

  •   30 Second Submission

    Imagine creating an SEO campaign in 30 seconds. Well its reality. Simply complete a few simple fields, select your relevant articles from our list and submit. Set and forget. Sit back and let us do the hard work.

  •   Reports

    Download reports for your campaigns in PDF, Excel or text format. Professional and useful reports can be used for your own use or for client presentation

  •   Manual & Automation

    We combine cutting edge automation with manual tasks to provide a unique service with high quality, powerful links that will rocket your SERP positions

  •   Buffer Support

    We provide buffer support on your tier 1 links. This means should you wish to remove your Tier 1 links, we can do that for 95% of the links. Giving you the security to know that you can remove the links for whatever reason.

  •   Limited Membership

    We will not saturate the SEO market with this service. Its not cheap and its not easy to maintain the resources required, for that reason this service will be limited to 200 members. WE WILL DISABLE SIGNUPS once the memberships have reached 200