These are some of the questions we have been asked about our service, If you don't find an answer here, please contact us.

How are the links distributed per tier?
Does LinkLure work for new sites?

Each campaign will get at least 600 links, we over deliver big time though. Currently we aim to over-deliver links by 20-50%. Since we post on public sites, not private networks, some of these public sites may go down or cease to exist or some posts may be removed. This is out of our control, so we over-deliver links. We say we deliver 600 links per month per campaign, we will actually generate 700+ links, lets say 50 posts are removed or have issues, you still receive 650+ links - 50 more than you paid for.

Each campaign structure is based on the site type selected.

These are the options

1. New site - more links in tier 2,3. Roughly 20% tier 1, 50% tier 2, 30% tier 3

2. Existing site with links. Roughly 30% tier 1, 35% tier 2, 35% tier 3

3. Established site, lots of existing links. Roughly 40-50% tier1, 30% tier 2, 20-30% tier 3.

You can change the type at any time even if your campaign is running and it will pick it up the next day.

What kind of links do I get in Tier 1?
Are the links contextual?
For Tier we use mainly contextual links with some non-contextual for diversity. We use your own supplied article or our own generated article, which is high quality readable content. We will randomly insert an image based on your keywords and also include a link to an authority site. These features make our articles more powerful and provide max ranking power to your sites. We also mix no-follow/do-follow, high and low PR posts aswell. Post are made across hundreds of platforms including Web 2.0 blogs, articles, wikis, directories, bookmarks, Doc Share, video submissions, microblogs, profiles, comments and many more. On top of that you get the social signals from sites like Facebook, Twitter, reddit, digg, stumbleupon etc.,  This give you a natural link landscape and diversity in your link types - Vital to rank high today.

What kind of articles do you use?
Do I have to write an article for submission?

You can supply your own article but you don't have to do that. We use a custom article generator. It is unique and provides human readable content, it passes copyscape everytime and is unique to our system. Nobody else has anything like this. Articles are varying length with more text now to improve ranking since the latest Google updates. We also randomly add in a link to an authority site or an image based on your keywords. This give the search engines exactly what they want.

Can I stop a campaign and run start another campaign?
Yes you can. Depending on the package, you can have the allowable number of active campaigns e.g. Starter = 1 campaign, Small Business = 5 campaigns etc. But you can have any number of inactive campaigns. So if you have a Small Business plan and you have 5 active campaigns, you can pause/deactivate one and add a new campaign. the old campaign can be reactivated at a later stage

What can do for my site
This has come up a lot. The fact is ranking is based on so many items it is very difficult to say without looking into the site itself. But we are so confident LinkLure will boost your site that if your rankings don't increase after 2 months in LinkLure, we will conduct an SEO site review for your campaign URLs and report the reason for any static serp positions.

What happens if I make a mistake in the setup?
Can the links be removed/changed?

We do offer the security  of being able to remove tier 1 links up to 6 months after their post date. If there was a mistake in the setup of a campaign or for any other reason. We can remove 95% of Tier1 links by request.

Will my links be removed when I unsubscribe?
No, we don't actively remove links unless by request. Once your campaign is running and posts are being made, we will not remove them.

Whats the process, what can I expect to see?
Simply fill in the simple add campaign form, it requires details like Campaign Name, URLs (up to 3), keywords (up to 25), Select articles from our list or enter your own, select Site Type, Submit. Its as simple as that. 30 second campaign setup, we handle the rest.
Your campaign will be queued for the following day, with links build for tiers 1, then tier 2 (once tier 1 links exist), then tier 3 (once tier 2 links exist). Your campaign continues until stopped, drip feeding linsk to your site, indexing those links and reporting them back to you

What kind of reports do I get?
Your reports will be available online in Excel or text format. You can use these reports to provide information for your clients, plug them into other tools etc.